The current era is in experiencing continuous growth in demand for motor oils and lubricants, With growing manufacturing and construction sectors, the automotive industry has been registering the highest application volumes of petroleum products mainly in the African continent since the rise of vehicle assembling like Renault and Peugeot in the last two years.
With such a high demand for oil in the global market and the need for such an energy on daily basis, Turkish lubricant manufacturers are one of the active players in the market recording an increase in sales of vehicle lubricants, industrial lubricants, and grease.
A brand like Monex, along with other several brands produced in our factories, is created to provide the market with a premium selection of lubricants that conform to national & international standards. The engineering behind the making process of these products extends to provide various product lines of high-performance and protection motor oils, lubricants, and fluids.
With the righteous innovative technology and qualified experts, we favor the improvement of our products to deliver excellent quality appropriately to different use serving as full synthetic and semi-synthetic engine oils, hydraulic fluids, machinery lubricants, Gears, heat transfer, multipurpose,...etc.
The data provided by the R&D specialists and assessments of laboratory personnel are interpreted to determine results that advantage the product development and process improvement to provide the market with customized motor oils and lubricants products that reply to customer's specific needs.
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