• Özerşah Group Medıa Team


As transportation oils keep showing an increase in demand despite the current economic crisis, the lubricants market is less impacted, expecting a yearly growth of 4% of the forecasted period of 2021-2025. Industrial lubricating oil and grease production knew the earliest recovery from the emerged Covid-19 shutdowns and started operating again to provide the market with relevant products for several industries like textiles industry, glass industry, wind power industry, paper industry, and gas & oil industry.
The growth of such a market is only related to the role that lubricants and grease have to offer to help the effective functioning of the machinery while increasing the runtime of specialized equipment. The continuous production and cost-effectiveness of these products is a challenge facing the lubricant producers as the proper product choice makes a vital impact on the running of the production process.
The large industrial lubricant products are manufactured and provided for multi-purpose and specific uses, formulated with high quality and performance raw materials to make sure it functions properly under heavy conditions and to optimize the process, and provide long-life protection of engines.
Monex industrial oils are formulated to protect metals thanks to its special additives that grant with a large selection of oils for a variety of uses such as cutting oils, heat transfer oils, blending oils, fine machines oils, industrial gear oil, textile oils, marine oils, etc.
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