• Özerşah Group Medıa Team

Özerşah Group expands the export activity of engine oils and lubricants to three continents

Özerşah Enerji ve Petrol Ürünleri reached countries around Asia, Africa, and Europe by growing its importer's network and strengthen its business growth strategy.

With more than 20 years of expertise manufacturing motor oils & lubricant products, three factories, and multiple leading brands nationally and internationally, Özerşah Group is moving towards expansion globally as a part of the corporate's innovation-oriented strategy in play. While creating valuable and innovative leading engine oils & lubricants brands, our board chairman Abdulahat Arvas uphold the commitment to maintain high quality & continual innovation by delivering premium quality and manifesting success.

Twenty years of maintaining the supply of mineral oil products demand on the domestic market, Özerşah Group General Manager Fetullah Arvas states "After our first factory established in 2001, we were able to exceed our production within 6 years to open our second factory in Adana in 2007. Recently, in 2015, we established a third in Kocaeli, Dilovası, to start producing at world standards and meet the international market demand. We continue our entire production in our factories and export activities to provide specific motor oils and lubricants for various vehicle and machinery models and types such as automotive oils, industrial oils, marine oils, process oils, grease oils, car care products, organic and concentrated antifreeze".

The conducted researches and investigations by our business development experts and the insights of our global marketing executives favored the development of excellent selection and high-quality brands such as Monex, Hexon, and Woil. In like manner, continue on manufacturing distinguished brands for our partners all over the three continents.

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